5 Best arrow pullers

If you have trouble retrieving your arrows from the target, it might be worth investing in an arrow puller. The primary benefit of the arrow puller is that it increases the grip on the arrow. Your fingers are simply not optimized to grip a thin arrow. Therefore, an arrow puller is an essential piece of any archer’s kit. You never know when you are going to need it!

Arrow pullers come in many shapes, sizes, and brands. Therefore, you might wonder which arrow puller is the best. Therefore, I have listed down the 5 best arrow pullers in my experience. For each arrow puller, I will discuss the pros and cons, which allows you to pick an arrow puller that fits you.

Overall best: Easton wedge arrow puller

Whenever someone asks me to recommend an arrow puller, I always recommend the Easton wedge. The Easton wedge is the gold standard amongst arrow pullers and with good reason. This arrow puller is easy to use and extremely durable.

When I was just getting started with archery, I bought this arrow puller because it was recommended by fellow archers. Seven years later, I am still using the same arrow puller and it has hardly worn. Although it’s not the cheapest arrow puller, it’s a fair price, especially for the quality of the materials.

The biggest con of this arrow rest is that it has less grip than some more elaborate arrow pullers. Therefore, if you shoot with a heavy draw-weight bow (70 LBS or more), you might want to consider the next option.

I have used the Easton wedge for more than 7 years now and it still works fine!

Most gripping power: Double D’s magnum grip

Double D’s Magnum grip has one major advantage over other simpler arrow pullers. It has a lot more grip than other molded arrow pullers such as the Easton wedge. This is especially useful, if you shoot at hard targets or if you shoot with a heavy draw-weight bow.

The arrow puller functions as an arrow vice with rubber inserts to protect the arrow. Squeezing the handles will close the vice which creates a firm grip.

For most archers, the Easton wedge will be easier to use and more lightweight to carry. But if your arrow keeps slipping in conventional arrow pullers, you might want to give this one a try.

Smallest size: M.S Jumper arrow puller

This arrow puller is most popular for archers that rarely use it. The small and flat size allows you to stuff it in most pockets or hang it on your belt. To use the arrow puller, you put the arrow in the indentation and squeeze it on the ends. You can use it in both groves, which increases its lifespan.

The biggest disadvantage of this arrow puller is that it tends to last shorter than the Easton Wedge. Therefore, it’s not an ideal option for repeated use. The corners of the puller also feel less comfortable and awkward. It also tends to have less grip on the arrow than other arrow pullers.

This arrow puller is the best option if you want an arrow puller that is light, flat, and easy to store.

Cheapest: HME Hand Saver

Like most products, cheap Chinese manufacturers copied the designs of established manufacturers. In this case, HME has copied the design of the Easton Wedge. Therefore, the pros and cons are similar to that product.

In general, I hear mixed experiences with these knock-off arrow pullers. In general, the materials tend to be more like plastic than rubber, decreasing the overall grip. Therefore, I recommend sticking with the Easton Wedge instead.

I have selected this arrow puller from all the knock-offs because it has the most positive reviews. Therefore, it seems to be a good deal.

The strongest arrow puller: Hamskea arrow puller

Although this arrow puller is not designed for archery, I wanted to include it as well. Some of you might have a crossbow and are looking for a good way to retrieve your bolt. Retrieving crossbow bolts can be extremely difficult because they are shot with extreme speed.

This arrow puller features an arrow holder and a lever that pulls the arrow out of the target. Overall, this arrow holder is more cumbersome to use and difficult to carry, but it will get any arrow out of your target.

This is the best arrow puller if you shoot extreme draw weights. Think for example of 100 LBS or more. In archery we generally shoot less than 100 LBS, therefore, these arrow pullers are most useful for crossbow shooters.


To compare these arrow pullers, I have compared the following 5 product features:

  • Durability: If you frequently use an arrow puller, you should consider buying one that is very durable. Since there is a lot of force on the arrow puller eventually the rubber will wear off and degrade. Therefore, buying a cheap arrow puller is not always the best financial decision.
  • Grip: The main purpose of an arrow puller is to increase the amount of grip you have over the arrow. An arrow puller with little grip will require a lot of hand strength to hold the arrow. This is especially important if you shoot a high draw weight.
  • Size/portability: Most archers wear their arrow puller on their quiver or belt. Therefore, you want this gear to be as lightweight and portable as possible.
  • Ease of use/speed: You don’t want to spend a lot of time getting the arrows out of the target. More elaborate and complicated arrow pullers will be less intuitive and less suitable for daily use.
  • Price: Of course, price is important as well. Money spent on an arrow puller can’t be spent on your bow or equipment.
 DurabilityGripSize / portabilityEase of use/speedPriceOverall
Easton wedge arrow puller5445422/25
Double D’s magnum grip4532216/25
M.S Jumper arrow puller3254418/25
HME Hand Saver2345519/25
Hamskea arrow puller5511113/25

Final words

I wrote this article based on my own experiences and the experiences of other archers. As of writing this article, I have been into archery for about 7 years. Therefore, I have tried multiple arrow pullers which I have borrowed or bought myself.

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or feedback you would like to share, please leave it down below. I use your feedback and suggestions to improve my articles! I will respond to any comments as soon as possible and you will receive an email notification once I replied.

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