7 Best archery quivers

If you are looking for a quiver you will find a ton of options online. Quivers come in many different form factors and can differ in price significantly. Therefore, it can be very difficult to make this choice on your own. That’s why I have written this article, highlighting the 7 best quivers that I recommend.

These quivers all are slightly different, and I recommend them for different situations/needs. Therefore, make sure to read my summary to check the quiver fits your needs. At the end of this article, I will give some additional tips on how to choose the right quiver.

1. Most affordable quiver – Legend First

If you want to buy an affordable high-quality quiver, the Legend First is definitely a good choice. Although you will be able to find cheaper quivers none will match the quality and functionality of this quiver.

Many cheaper quivers feature a belt clip which makes the quiver unstable. These cheaper quivers have often also no storage for other accessories. When you are just getting started you might think that you do not need any storage. But I can assure you that you will! Some things you might want to store in your quiver are:

  • Your tab or release
  • Your armguard
  • Some basic tools
  • An arrow puller
  • A scorecard

So, if you are not sure what quiver to buy, this is a safe choice!

2. Most durable quiver – Legend XT320

The Legend XT320 is very similar to the Legend First, but it has a few advantages. The material is a bit thicker and the fit and finish are just a bit better. It also comes in more colors and is overall better looking (in my opinion).

It also comes with an additional D-ring which is often used to clip tools or an arrow puller. There is also a small pouch that you can use to store small items. I use this pouch to store vanes when they get ripped off the arrow.

You might think that these benefits are very minor. But I would still give this quiver some serious thought. A good quiver will last a lifetime, so buying a high-quality quiver is worth it. If you are serious about archery, I can recommend this quiver!

3. Quiver with the most storage – Samick Sports quiver

I store a ton of stuff in my quiver. Once you are getting more invested in the sport you will gather more and more gear and need more space to store it. If you are like me, you will appreciate the Samick Sports quiver.

Compared to the previous quivers from Legend Archery, this quiver has larger pockets that will fit more gear. This also makes the quiver a bit bulkier, but if you are a tool hoarder like me, that will be a worthy compromise.

4. Best back quiver for adults – Legend Back Quiver

Although I prefer hip quivers over back quivers, I can see the appeal. A hip quiver tends to swing a bit on your hip. If you walk a long distance that can get annoying. Overall, it just feels more comfortable while walking. If you are not sure what type of quiver you like, I recommend buying a hip quiver. This quiver is far more popular overall with good reason!

If you prefer a back quiver, I can recommend the Legend Back Quiver. This quiver is specially made for hunters. It has a large zipper pocket and Molle webbing on the front which allows you to add additional tactical gear. In my opinion, this quiver also looks very nice!

5. Best back quiver for kids – Legend Arrow quiver for kids

Although I generally recommend a hip quiver for adults, for small children a back quiver is often better. A hip quiver is simply too bulky for children and will get rather uncomfortable. For young children, esthetics are also more important, and a back quiver just looks cool! Therefore, I recommend children, younger than 10 years old, to shoot with a back quiver.

The Legend Arrow quiver for kids is therefore a great option. The quiver is simple, comfortable, and easy to use. Just like the other Legend Archery products this quiver is made from high-quality nylon which means that it will last a lifetime.

6. Best hybrid quiver for children – Keshes arrow quiver

A hybrid quiver is a jack of all trades which can be used both as a back quiver and a hip quiver. This is ideal for children that want to experiment with both. You can use the shoulder strap to wear it as a back quiver or use the belt clip to use it as a hip quiver.

It will move around a lot while walking when it’s attached to the belt though. So, if your child prefers a hip quiver, you might want to invest in a dedicated hip quiver, as these are more secure.

7. Best rear-facing quiver – Legend XT420

With most hip quivers, the arrows point forward, making it easy to grab a new arrow. This also has some disadvantages though. The arrows can get in the way. Especially if you swing your bow, like an Olympic Archer. If you want to learn more about why some archers swing their bows, make sure to read this article.

The arrows can also get in the way while walking through the woods, which is why most hunters prefer a rear-facing quiver.

An issue I had with other rear-facing quivers is that many have a leg strap. This feels like you are in a climbing harness and is very uncomfortable. That’s why I recommend the Legend XT420, this quiver doesn’t have a leg strap since the overall design doesn’t need one.

What you should consider while buying a quiver

Choosing the right quiver is very difficult. There are so many different options available on the market. Therefore, I compiled a list of 4 important things you should consider while buying your quiver.

  • Formfactor: most archers prefer a hip quiver because it’s easier to grab the arrows. But for children, a back quiver is often easier because it is less clunky. But even if you choose a hip quiver you must choose between a forward or rear-facing quiver. In this article, I give more pros and cons for both options.
  • Storage: although you might not have much archery gear when you are just getting started. Over the years you will gather a lot of gear and gadgets. If you want to take these to the range, you should have enough storage. I for example keep the following gear in my quiver: finger protection, fingerling, armguard, hex wrenches, arrow puller, a notebook, and some pens.
  • Durability: if you buy an inexpensive quiver from China, don’t be surprised if the fabric rips or tears after a while. I have even seen some cheap quivers where the points eventually went through the fabric because it was not protected at the bottom.
  • How well it stays in place: this is something a lot of archers overlook while shopping for a quiver. Some quivers are very secure which makes them very comfortable while walking. Some cheaper quivers have a very small strap which can dangle a lot while walking.

If you want more in-depth tips. Make sure to read my dedicated article on quivers. In this article, I only discuss the basics.

Buying an archery quiver

Some tips:

Before you choose a release, I would like to give you two very important tips:

  • Don’t go cheap: I often buy cheap archery products, and for many gear that is not an issue. But I don’t recommend buying a cheap quiver. A good quiver will last a lifetime. So, it’s better to buy a high-quality quiver immediately than having to upgrade after a few months. Make sure to buy something that lasts!
  • Don’t choose a clip-on quiver: I have seen so many archers start with a clip-on quiver and in most cases, they switch to a different quiver within a few months. It seems so convenient to not have a separate belt, but it is not secure at all. The problem is that the quiver starts to dangle to the point, where the arrow starts to fly out. Therefore, you often must hold the quiver in place while walking, which is not convenient at all!

Final words

You may have noticed that I recommend a lot of Legend Archery products in this article. That is with good reason, Legend Archery specializes in archery luggage, and you can clearly see that in their designs. They have some very practical features which are a great help on the field.

You simply get a very solid quiver for an affordable price. The quality of many other brands tends to vary a lot. Especially the sowing work is often subpar because the quality control tends to be quite minimal.

Simply put, Legend Archery is a reliable brand. I and many others with me are willing to pay a little bit extra for that piece of mind.

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