Bowmaster bow press review

A while ago, I have bought a simple bow press. In this article, I will review this cheap bow press. If you have a compound bow you can’t unstring it without a bow press. Therefore, this device is often used by archers that want to maintain their own bow. The device is unbranded, so that’s why I use a generic name.

Why you need this device

If you want to maintain your compound bow, this item is a must-have. Although it might seem you only need a bow press if you want to replace the string or cables, there are many more uses for it. For example:

  • To twist the string to:
    • Making minor changes to your draw length
    • Change your brace height
    • Resolve peep sight rotation issues
  • Removing/reinstalling the peep sight
  • Replace the serving on your cables or string
  • Replace the string or cables
  • Restring your bow after a derailment

So, there are a lot of cases when you want to have this tool. Especially if you like to do all your maintenance yourself you need this tool.

How it works

In the video below I demonstrate how this product works.


  • Works with all compound bows
  • Adjustable length
  • Small and simple
  • Cheap (check the current price with the button below)


  • You may have to remove the string stopper and or cable guard to use the device
  • Not as fast as a full-size bow press

This bow press is a great option for archers that want to work on their bow. For large clubs and archery stores, a full-size bow press is probably a better option.


I always did all maintenance on my recurve bow myself. I don’t like having to visit an archery store for minor issues. Therefore, I have learned to do a lot of things myself.

Once I started with compound archery, I got the same mentality. But for compound bows, this is more difficult. If you want to remove the string you should have a bow press.

Although I can remove the limbs with the screw, I would have to completely tune my bow if I did that. Therefore, I have bought this bow press and I am very happy I did.

Tim van Rooijen

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by archery. First due to its historic significance but later because I like being outdoors. With this blog, I share my knowledge about Archery and how you can improve your shot. More about author…

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