Legend Archery – an in-depth interview

For this blog, I often discuss archery brands and products. But I have always wanted to ask a few questions to these manufacturers. They have so much experience and know-how which I would love to hear and share with my readers.

That’s why I was happy when Legend Archery reached out and asked if I could interview them. In this article, you will read the full interview. Since Legend Archery is an archery luggage brand we will learn a lot about archery bags and cases!

At the end of this article, I will also mention my two favorite Legend Archery products.

An overview of Legend Archery

Okay, in case you are not familiar with Legend Archery, here is a quick overview. As mentioned earlier Legend Archery is a brand that manufacturers bow cases, archery backpacks, quivers, and archery accessories. Legend Archery doesn’t sell any bows, which means that they are focused on a core set of products.

Legend Archery was founded in 1999 by Benoit Lotter with his vision to provide the world of archery with high-quality archery gear. Since its inception, the team has grown to 5 people and thousands of happy customers.

The company is based in the United States, but Legend Archery’s products are sold almost everywhere. Their archery gear is available in 40 countries and more than 300 stores, which makes it one of the most popular archery luggage brands. Their archery gear is even available at my local archery shop in The Netherlands.

All the products off legend archery are made of high-quality materials, therefore any of their products will last a long time. Still, their products are reasonably priced, since they want to stay an affordable and high-quality brand.

If you want to stay updated about Legend Archery, make sure to check out their Social media and blogs. They share a lot of helpful tips, so it’s definitely worth having a look.

Blog: https://legendarchery.com/blogs/archery-bowhunting-blog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LegendOutdoorGear/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/legendoutdoor/

The interview

Now you know a bit more about Legend Archery, let’s get to the interview!

How is Legend Archery different from other brands?

At Legend Archery, our community is very important, they help us with feedback and share their experiences with us. We in turn are focused on providing the archery community with some great archery products, which we will use ourselves.

We believe that the archery community deserves high-quality products. You shouldn’t worry about whether your case protects your bow or not. Our customers don’t have to worry about it, we will think about this for them. Therefore, our customers can enjoy the activity they love – archery!

Can you tell us how the products are designed?

When we design our products there are two important factors we consider:

  • Sustainability: we want to protect our environment because it is our playground, so we create products that last to reduce waste and we don’t use materials that can be harmful to the planet or our body.
  • Supporting and empowering people from all walks of life: we would like all communities to join the outdoors lifestyle, discover nature, protect it, and become healthier in the process. Being outdoors is great for your body and mind and helps you to feel connected to nature.

What is the most common mistake archers make while storing their bow?

The biggest mistake archers make is not buying the right case for transporting their bow. I understand that you would like to save money, but you have to understand that a case should protect your bow.

We design our products to optimally protect your bow and make sure that nothing gets damaged during transport. If you have to replace parts of your bow, that can be quite expensive so it’s not worth it.

About quivers, what is the most important thing archers should consider?

Archers that are just getting started often think that you only carry arrows in your quiver, but that is not the case. Most archers carry quite a lot of gear in their quivers, such as a tab/release, some tools, a bow square, a scorecard, and an arrow puller.

If you buy a quiver that can only store your arrows, you will have to put all your other gear in your pockets, which is quite inconvenient.

What can we expect from legend archery in the future?

We are working tirelessly towards our goal of making Legend your go-to brand of outdoor accessories so not only for Archers. In 2022, we will have more products for hiking, camping, and water sports. So keep an eye out if you are into these hobbies!

My favorite Legend Archery products

As you may have read through the lines, I really like Legend Archery’s products. What I particularly like is that they are focused on Archery Luggage. This makes them an expert in the field, instead of the general archery brands, where selling cases is merely an afterthought.

I also believe that Legend Archery provides great value for your money. Sure their products are not the cheapest available, but all their products will last a long time and are very though fully designed.

Although Legend sells a lot of great products for different bows and situations. The three products listed below, are my favorite.

Legend Apollo compound bow case

The Legend Apollo is my favorite bow case because it has a ton of storage pockets. I always like to organize my gear and put it in different pockets. With this bag, you have plenty of space. You 9 external storage pockets!

A lot of people underestimate how much gear you will carry to the range. My bag is always loaded to the brim with archery gadgets, tools, and other necessities. In the summer, for example, I always have to bring some sunscreen and mosquito spray, and I don’t like that to be near my other gear for obvious reasons.

Therefore, If you are looking for a good bow case for your compound bow, I would highly recommend getting this one!

Legend Archery ProTour recurve Backpack

Recurve backpacks are very convenient. You can carry them like a suitcase for shorter distances or on your back for long distances. This makes it a very versatile option, which even allows you to go to the range by (motor)bike.

This backpack from Legend Archery is my favorite because it is very comfortable to wear with the extra support straps. I only live 2.5 miles (4 km) away from my local archery club so I definitely use my backpack.

It also has a lot of storage space and as I mentioned earlier, that is very important to me. The backpack also comes with a rain cover which is very helpful, since it rains a lot in The Netherlands.

This backpack is a bit more expensive than the other backpacks from Legend Archery, but it’s definitely worth it if you intend to use it a lot!

Legend XT420 Hip quiver

I have tried a few rear-facing quivers before, but I never liked them. Although I see the benefits from the design, I always hated the leg strap on other quivers. This leg strap made me feel like I wore a climbing harness instead of a quiver.

Luckily, the XT420 hip quiver from Legend Archery doesn’t have a leg strap. This means that you can benefit from a rear-facing quiver without feeling uncomfortable. For those who are not familiar with the benefits of a rear-facing quiver, make sure to read my in-depth article by clicking the link below:

Buying an archery quiver – what you need to know

So, if you want to buy a rear-facing quiver, I definitely recommend this one!

Final words

As a full disclosure, I would like to mention that this article is sponsored by Legend Archery. This means that Legend Archery has checked this content and helped me write this content. But as always, I would never recommend products I don’t believe in.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding this article, please feel free to leave them down below. I will reply to your question as soon as possible and send you an email once I replied!

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