6 Tips to fix peep sight rotation issues

The peep sight is one of the great advantages of a compound bow. Due to the peep sight, you have a clear image of the target, and it helps you to align the bow. But one common issue is that the peep sight rotates when you draw. 

You can run into these issues even when you have attached the peep sight perfectly. The problem is that the string stretches when you are using the bow. So, if you shoot with a peep sight, you will experience this issue, one day or another. 

Below, I provide six tips that can fix your peep sight rotation issues. 

1. Use an alignment tube 

The most effective way to solve peep sight rotation issues is by adding an alignment tube. This rubber or silicone tubing is attached to both the back end of the peep sight and the cable. When you draw the bow, the tubing will stretch and pull the peep sight in line with the sight.

peep sight with arrow on alignment fitting
If your peep sight has this fitting, you can attach an alignment tube

If your peep sight has a fitting for an alignment tube, this will be a very easy fix. Just buy an alignment tube and add it to the fitting. This is the alignment tube I am currently using on my bows. 

When your current peep sight doesn’t have an alignment fitting there are modules available that you can add above your current peep sight. For example, this kit from Specialty Archery comes with an alignment module. 

When it is not possible to add an alignment module, you will have to replace the peep sight. This requires you to use a bow press or to completely disassemble your bow. For more information on how to replace the peep sight, make sure to read my detailed article below: 

How to set a peep sight – full guide with pictures

Before you make changes to your bow, it is important to note that there are also some disadvantages to using an alignment tube. Since the tube stretches, like a rubber band, it will deteriorate over time. An alignment tube will not last forever, so there is some additional maintenance involved. There are some other things to consider, as I explain in the article below: 

Tube vs tubeless peep sight – what is better?

2. Train your peep sight 

Most people who have issues with peep sight rotation will use this method. Training your peep sight means that you rotate it back until the peep sight settles in the correct orientation. 

So, when your peep sight rotates to the left, you correct it by turning it to the right just before you draw the bow. The peep sight can be stubborn which means that you must do this a lot before you see the effect. 

Even if you have trained your peep sight in the past, it can happen that the peep sight starts rotating after a while. You will then have to start again by twisting it in the opposite direction. 

If the rotation is quite extreme (more than 45 degrees), training your peep sight will not solve the issue in the long run. In that case, you must use one of the other tips from this guide. 

Please make sure to check your peep sight rotation at full draw and not when the bow is at rest. When you draw the bow the peep sight will always rotate a bit. This is not a problem if your peep sight is correctly oriented when you draw the bow.

3. Twist one side of the string

The peep sight twists due to the twists in the string. So, one way to change the rotation is to add or remove twists from the string. If you have the right equipment, this is easy to do, and much faster than replacing the peep sight. 

Before you can adjust the string, you need to remove the tension from the string. You can do this with a bow press, which pulls on the limbs, as you can see in the video below: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWniyk3LaQw (use Humix instead?) 

Here is a link to the bow press I am using in the video, and here is a link to the review article I have written about it. 

Once the bow press is in place, you can remove the string of the post and remove or add a twist. Check how this changes your peep sight and adjust if necessary. 

This does slightly change the brace height of the bow, but if you only remove or add 1 or 2 twists, that will be hardly noticeable.

4. Slide the peep sight up or down 

Another way you can change the peep sight alignment is by sliding the peep sight up or down. Before you can do this, you will need to remove the serving wire that is holding the peep sight in place. 

The major advantage of this method is that you don’t need a bow press to make these adjustments. You simply push the peep sight a little bit up or down to get it back in alignment. 

Sliding the peep sight up or down can solve alignment issues.

There is also a big disadvantage. When you slide the peep sight up or down, you might have to anchor differently, because the distance between the D-loop and the peep sight changes. 

In general, I would only recommend using this method if you wanted to change your peep sight position anyway. I just wanted to mention this trick in case this is relevant to you. You might be able to solve two issues in one go.

5. Use a peep tuner 

A few months ago, I came across a relatively new product that helps you to fix peep sight rotation issues. The product is called the Bowmar Archery Peep Tuner. 

The device consists of little pieces of plastic that you can add to the string above or below the peep sight. By weaving in the piece of plastic you manipulate the twists in the string to change the rotation of the peep sight. 

I have to say, the idea is genius and is way easier than replacing the peep sight. Since you can use the existing space of the peep sight you also don’t need a bow press. 

Below is a video explaining how the product works: 

The product is currently sold on Amazon, here is a link to the product page. When I wrote the article, the price of the product was rather steep. But that could change in the future as it’s a relatively new product.

6. Remove and re-attach the peep sight  

If none of these tips are possible, or if they don’t solve the peep sight rotation issue, this is your only way. It is a lot of work, but it is the best way to solve the issue. 

You might think that the peep sight was not attached properly if it rotates, but that doesn’t have to be the case. When you use the bow, the string will stretch which will change the twists in the string. This will influence the rotation of the peep sight. So sometimes there is nothing that you could have done to prevent the issue. 

If you want to remove and reattach the peep sight, you will have to use a bow press. Alternatively, if you have a bow that can be disassembled without a bow press, you could also use the limb screws. 

Please click on the link below for a detailed guide on setting up and tuning the peep sight: 

How to setup a peep sight – guide with pictures

Which method should I try first? 

The least drastic measure to solve the peep sight rotation issue is to train the peep sight (tip 2). You won’t need any tools and you can do it before you shoot. This can get annoying because you must twist the peep sight before every shot, so if the issue doesn’t get better after about 100 shots, you might want to try another tip. 

I haven’t used the peep tuner yet, so I can’t give a big endorsement for this product (tip 5). But the idea seems pretty good, so you might want to give it a shot! If you have a bow press, adding or removing the twist from the string can also work (tip 3). 

So, it depends on the equipment you have, which tools you have, and your preferences. If you never want to have peep sight rotation issues again, you might want to consider an alignment tube (tip 1). That will solve the issue, but the alignment tube comes with its own set of potential issues.

More about the peep sights

I have written a lot of articles about peep sights. If you want to deepen your archery knowledge, click on any of the articles below: 

Final words 

I hope this article helped you to solve your peep sight rotation problem. If you have any tips yourself, or questions, please let me know in the comments. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Also, you might wonder why I didn’t mention the actual price in dollars when I mentioned the Bowmar peep tuner. The reason is that prices constantly change, therefore it’s not allowed to mention a price if it’s not up to date.

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